Tips on How To See The World

tips on how to see the world

I’ve been receiving a lot of comments and questions about how can I afford to travel? What is really my job? How I became a travel blogger? How I have my connections? So on and so forth….

I wasn’t born as rich as Paris Hilton,  I have a 9-5 job that I love and I make the most out of it,  I’m really not a fan of expensive shoes and bags, but I’m really fond of buying drugstore make-ups and few of expensive ones.  It’s everyone’s dream to travel around the world, or just to have a glimpse of the country of your dreams.  Everything must start from within, and it’s always been my passion and I dedicate most of my time planning and organizing my trips and others as well.

While I can’t have my dream job for now, I am enjoying every bit and pieces of what I have now, and to tell you honestly it is the secret to everything: CONTENTMENT.  Everything takes time, it takes a lot of courage and resisting to temptations is a must!

Well, here are my tips on how can you see the world, either on a budget or in lux!

  1. Save, Save and Save!!!!

Whenever I receive my pay, the first thing I do is deposit a percentage of my money to my bank account automatically. That means, I will be spending the rest of the amount for my general fortnightly living expenses. In that way, you are training your mind that you cannot spend whatever is in your bank account and that is strictly for travel-purposes only.


  1. Your daily Café Latte from Starbucks can pay for your round-trip ticket to a domestic or international flight! 

Imagine how much you could save if you will be brewing your own coffee instead of rushing to Starbucks for an espresso or café latte. If you will be calculating your month of coffee cups you buy in a year, you will be pretty amazed how much you spent and how much you could possibly save! That’s the reason why coffee-maker and brewer exists! But if you are really a coffee love, you can just limit yourself from 1-2 cups of expensive coffee a week.


  1. Book your holiday trip at least a couple of months in advance

Here’s a secret:  Airline companies usually have their seat sale from time to time but if only you will book in advance. You can also sign up for their Offer Newsletter so that you will receive the first-hand information when their counter is open for cheap tickets. Usually airline companies have their seat sale during holidays.


  1. Choose Hostel or Bed and Breakfast over 5 star hotels

Imagine how much you could save if you will be choosing hostel accommodation? Yes, I know, I know… the feeling of a comfy bed, of a room with a beach view, of a king/queen lifestyle, the luxurious stay. Well, I don’t have any arguments if you can afford it, why not? But, think about it. Think of how many adventurous people you will meet in a hostel/B&B’s? How many stories you will hear? It’s also one of my ways to ignite my wanderlust in me.

  1. Take care of your health

Health is indeed wealth. No one can take care of your health except you. Seeing the world with complete senses, in a good state of condition, be with the person you love in good health while traveling the world. What more can you ask for?


  1. Be positive

Traveling can be stressful, but if you know how to handle it well, it can give you a whole new level of perception.  Even when I’m not traveling, I always think of positive thoughts as much as I can. So that in any situations that you might encounter whether you are traveling or not, being optimistic brings positive effect not only to you but also to all the people you will meet along the way.


  1. Avoid “baggage check-in” if you can

If you will be going for a holiday for a month or more, you are excuse. But, if it’s only a short-break, e.g. 3 days 4 nights well might as well just pack your backpack and go!   How nice it is to travel light isn’t it? You can hop from one place to another without that heavy luggage!   Just bring those travel essential must-haves that you always bring and leave those unnecessary things with you. When I travel,  I always try my best to avoid the check-in queue and proceed to the counter to get my boarding pass. Such an easy-breezy way to avoid long lines at the baggage counter too!


8. Build connections, Expand your network! 

When you travel, you will always meet a lot of people with different races, backgrounds, stories and more! Well, why not expand your connections? They might be your next travel-buddy. Remember, it’s not what you know, its WHO you know. 


Anything you might want to add? Feel free of letting me know by commenting below. :)


Deanna ( )

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17 thoughts on “Tips on How To See The World

  1. !. Wake up everyday with the passion to do the one thing you love the most.
    @. Love hard and fall hard, everyday.
    #. Feel, be emotional and be okay with having emotion.
    $. Get uncomfortable and make friends with personalities you’d otherwise avoid
    %. Take healthy risks (it’s good for your spirit and will wake you out of your zombie status)


  2. This is a terrific list. I would add research, research, research. I read up on everything from snagging bargain airline tickets to learning how to have a basic conversation in the home language of my destination. These always pay off. In 2010, I scored tickets from NYC to Lima, Peru for $250pp round trip, which made it possible to travel with my two children. Computer glitch, maybe, but I found this because I’m always hunting. The second tip always, always garners a positive response wherever I go.


  3. Deanna – As a fairly experience traveller, i would only add – Stretch yourself! Go beyond the “normal” travel destinations and experiences and see the “rest” of the world. Many people only do what they are totally comfortable with and they are missing out on some of the mind expanding and personal growth experiences. Just my two cents…..

    PS – very nicely done blog and tips!


  4. Hi Deanna!

    Thank you for dropping by my blog at! I saw your blog posts and love them too! Will be following you! My number 1 tip to seeing the world? Sacrifice on accommodation and airfare but never on the activities! I’m planning a trip to Australia next year, and I would love to go caving, interacting with dolphins, whale watching etc So I will be getting cheap airfares and an average accommodation, just so I can spend more on the activities!

    Oh, and one more to add, it is in my personal goal to travel at least twice a year. One to a place slightly further away (e.g 5 hrs flight and above) and another to nearby countries. You will be amaze to explore the surrounding countries which we have often taken for granted for. E.g I’m in Singapore, and I’ve traveled to Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia etc. These are the places where our counterparts in US /Europe pay a fortune to travel to but are accessible to us and at our door steps! So yes, there you go! :D


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