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#TAB – Travel Bug Tuesday : Genevieve


 Genevieve of,  a twenty one year old travel junkie with a nose for finding the locals brewing, growing, baking, distilling and making the best bounty a region has to offer.

If she’s not in search of food, She’s hunting down killer views in a constant battle between her adventurous eyeballs and her lifelong fear of heights firmly rooted in the rest of her body.

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Sky Garden at Ace Hotel & Suites: An Exquisite Taste of Fine Dining in the Metro


Sky Garden Fine Dining‘s ambiance reminds me of victorian era dining experience which reflects in every corner of the restaurant. It is strategically located in the heart of Metro at Brixton Street, near Pioneer, United St, Pasig and is settled at the 8th floor of ACE Hotel and Suites which will allow every diner to have a panoramic view of the city lights. Friendly and accommodating receptionists greet you with a warm welcome and smile. The atmosphere is very sophisticated with rhythm and blues relaxing soft lounge music. The elegant decor and warm tones of the wood panelled complements to every dish being served, perfectly suited for romantic dates, family gatherings, and even for business meetings. Continue reading

#TAB Fernweh Friday – Tips for Blogging on the Road


Author: Gloria Truong – I’m very excited to have been invited to guest blog on I have wanted to write about blogging on the road for a while since I often blog to keep family and friends updated on where and what I’m doing but it’s not always so easy.

Sometimes, it’s hard to just hunker down for an hour or two to put together a post when I’m on constantly on the move or want to make the best of seeing all the sights in one day. I often found myself writing late at night, after a long day of adventures. If you’re absolutely certain about blogging on the road, here are five tips to help you keep up:

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#TAB – Travel Bug Tuesday : MANI ( ) is a girl in her twenties with a name from India but born and raised in Mexico City. In 2008 she met her soul-mate (an American) while traveling in India. She blogs about travel, food and photography as well as her personal unpredictable experiences, attempting to seek a simpler life, wandering around the world, and surrendering to God.

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Meeting You Before Sunset

TalkAboutbBeauty: Sunset Rendezvous

Before Sunset

I have known you for less than 24 hours. How love can be so quick and so easy to go? 

I have met you while I’m busy catching the waves, feeling the sand in my toes, and the air swirling in my skin.  You were there, the “hot-surfer-guy” who is absolutely stunning and no questions about your amazing smile that instantly drew me to you. It was one mid-afternoon; sun is still up, shining through my eyes, waves kissing the shore and yes, you were there.  Continue reading

Wanderlust: Bali, Indonesia (Day 1 – Seminyak)


The thought of traveling alone scared me at first, I know it’s normal to be frightened, anxious, feeling you want to give up and just forget your flight. But, going for an escape to one of the most beautiful place to watch both sunset and sunrise in the world is so fulfilling. I had a bucket list on what to do and where to go in Bali but guess what it exceeded my expectations!

A magical place where you can be completely yourself, party like there will be no sunrise the next day. The sense of being lost in a foreign place, the taste of each and every delicacies, the smile of a complete stranger, answering questions from “what’s your name?” and “where you from?”, sun-kissed skin, untold stories, drunken moments, drunk driving; I will call it memories in Bali. Continue reading