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10 Wanderlust Movies of All Time


Catching a travel bug is a serious uncurable disease. You will find yourself in front of google or travel sites searching for the next place to visit, booking your next ticket or just simply reading experiences from different people all around the world.

Sometimes, you need some kick-start before you head out to your next adventure making sure that the spark is still there and won’t be lost.

Travel films or documentary doesn’t fail to inspire me over and over again, it helps me focus more on what I want, where to go and what to do in life. It gives me hope that there is still some parts of the world that is waiting for me to discover and another adventure awaits across the globe. Travel movies takes you on a trip and makes you more excited to just pack your bags, book a flight and JUST GO. Continue reading

Top 7 Best Travel Apps for Mobile

APP Traveling or going for your most awaited vacation should be stress-free. Most of the time i want everything to be organized from my what airline should I choose, where should I stay, etc. During your planning phase, there are a lot of travel apps out there that is suitable for your device, may it be an apple, android, tablets, so on and so forth that you can download. . But choosing the most effective and convenient travel applications will help you have the most amazing vacation ever!  Continue reading

#TAB Travel Bug Tuesday: ThisFitBlonde


Featuring Amanda of ThisFitBlonde!  She’s a a woman with serious wanderlust getting married to a man who lives to travel (and grew up overseas), so much of their free time is spent planning their next trip.  At home, she is  a personal trainer, nutritionist, and wellness coach, which means that when she travel she is always looking for the best (and safest!) running routes, hotel gyms, and fitness trends in new places.  Check out her blog to learn about where she has been, where she’s going, and ways to stay healthy no matter where you are in the world. Continue reading

One Untamed Night at The Eikon Bar


Kuta is all about fun, fun, fun!  Can you imagine how many crazy-amazing-awesome people you will meet? Dancing with a complete beautiful strangers?  Overflowing drinks? Party like you just don’t even care?

I therefore conclude that you only live once!

Eikon is located in the heart of Kuta where you will find most of the local bars too. But, one bar just simply stands out among the rest which I would like to introduce to you The  Eikon, Bar and Club Restaurant. Continue reading

#TAB Fernweh Friday – Living in Paradise

2014-10-09 10.46.18 By Colleen Chesebro of

Living among the different peoples of the world gives you a different outlook on life.  You learn to appreciate being an American and the freedoms we take for granted.

I have the privilege of living in one of the most beautiful beach locations found along the Gulf Coast of the United States; Pensacola, Florida.  Pristine white sand beaches are caressed by turquoise waves lapping at the shores.  Saw grass grows in abundance on the dunes and sways in the salty sea breezes not far from the water’s edge.  Continue reading

#TAB – Travel Bug Tuesday : Genevieve


 Genevieve of,  a twenty one year old travel junkie with a nose for finding the locals brewing, growing, baking, distilling and making the best bounty a region has to offer.

If she’s not in search of food, She’s hunting down killer views in a constant battle between her adventurous eyeballs and her lifelong fear of heights firmly rooted in the rest of her body.

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Sky Garden at Ace Hotel & Suites: An Exquisite Taste of Fine Dining in the Metro


Sky Garden Fine Dining‘s ambiance reminds me of victorian era dining experience which reflects in every corner of the restaurant. It is strategically located in the heart of Metro at Brixton Street, near Pioneer, United St, Pasig and is settled at the 8th floor of ACE Hotel and Suites which will allow every diner to have a panoramic view of the city lights. Friendly and accommodating receptionists greet you with a warm welcome and smile. The atmosphere is very sophisticated with rhythm and blues relaxing soft lounge music. The elegant decor and warm tones of the wood panelled complements to every dish being served, perfectly suited for romantic dates, family gatherings, and even for business meetings. Continue reading