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It’s such an honor to write for, since I have created my first e-travelbook via Creatrips, the number of downloads are surprising!  Now, I am off to write my second e-travelbook! 

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#TAB Travel Bug Tuesday: Junie Capiral

Junie is someone who loves life, follows the middle road, believe in fate and destiny, one who loves to explore the inner and outer world, a human being, a part of the cosmos…


Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte , PHILIPPINES Date: 15th to 17th of May, 2015 Blog post will be up in a couple of days. :)

Guest Bloggers are now welcome! ♥

Originally posted on TALK ABOUT BEAUTY:
Want your post to be featured on You have some brilliant idea on how to smart-pack? Any places you have visited recently? Want to expand your…

The Mystical Island: SIQUIJOR

Alright. So I know you are thinking “Of all the Places, why Siquijor?”  Dubbed as a “Mystical Place”. Hearing this would let you think of ghost stories, witch-crafts, different kind of potions, faith… Continue reading

Travelbook: Top 5 Best Hostels in Manila

I’ve been on a hunt for the top 5 best hostels in Manila. After over a couple of months, the list is on for this ultimate “where should I stay in Manila?” guide.… Continue reading

Air Asia ASEAN Pass: Your Golden Ticket to Explore Asia!

Air Asia now has a special offer for you to continue with your journey to explore Asia! ASEAN is a 10-country political and economic association consisting of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia,… Continue reading

Filipina and Traveling (Why You Should, Too)

“Don’t listen to what they say, Just go and see the world. You are only occupying a very small space of the world, there is so much more to see.”

Some Travel Quotes To Keep You Going

Whenever I feel like giving up, may it be in something I am doing (work, projects, write-ups, etc.) , first thing I find myself doing is to visit my most loved “google” to… Continue reading

  • Vietnam (HCMC) & Da LatJanuary 29th, 2015
    Saigon Charity Tour ( January 29 - February 2, 2015 )
  • Siquijor (PH)March 30th, 2015
    The big day is here.
  • TBEX Asia '15October 15th, 2015
    6 days to go.
  • Germany

    White Christmas! yaaay!December 1st, 2015
    1 month to go.
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